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Monday, 20 October 2014

Handicap Comm

With Mr Burns stepping down afer many years of exemplary service to the h/cap Comm, we need more members to put scores into the Computer.
W.T.C. is in the process of writing an idiots guide sheet to put in the scores...could crack a few funnies here but wont!
Ideally we would like Artisans who play on a regular basis to put themselves forward...but dont think to yourselves ..."I can do the H/CAP AND THEY WONT ASK ME ABOUT DOING THE MAIN COMMITTEE"!
Come on Lads get your names down for all the Postions in the Club, we have been well represented over the years...keep it going.
Remember the old saying..."Its not what the Club can do for you , Its what can you do for the Club"...SUPPORT THE ARTISANS...DONT BE A WALL FLOWER!



The New Hon Sec will be getting my full support/copies ALL Electonic files and even the Blog password if required (unless its Moobs, who wont be getting the password)

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