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Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Welcome back!

The Dragon Artisans Blog will be sponsored this year by...Regain HAIR Control.. used by many a fine Artisan!
As many are aware , there is a "comments" section on each post, feel free to have your say, but please don't use too many Big words as half the Club will struggle to Understand!

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Results and last post

Septics boys beat RMS 6- 1/2 - 1/2 at Home with F1 WINNING 9&8!
(His opponent has asked if anyone found his Guide Dogs lead, as he lost it!)

This should secure the 'A' team a place in the Quarters.
Holms Carlisle Greensomes was won by Sh*t and his Partner Proper Sh*t or Dumb and Dumber I think is the term I heard in the Hut, with a good score of Net 64.
Septic gave his "spare shirt" to F1 and nominated themselves for the CNUT Cup...for I assume looking like one!

With my Blog posts being questioned yet again, I have decided to hang up the pen.
Its a sad day when the Minority rule the Majority.
Just a reminder that this was a "PERSONAL" Blog.
Thanks for all your support over the last 5 years, I know the Majority of  Hut dwellers have enjoyed my banter.

Please check the  Hut Board or other social Media sites for Results.



Thursday, 19 May 2016

new nickname

The Artisan wheels are now spinning for Bens nickname.
I had "Double Barrelled"  =  "shotgun"...I like that one!

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Drinks on me

Betty is buying drinks in bar on Friday to celebrate The big 50.
Happy birthday betty.
Any contributions to be made to the staines hair loss clinic. !

Stick Bundles

And who's impressive Stick Bundle does this belong too?

Krankies Handicap

It look like Krankie maybe using the "I'm injured" lark to renege on his , I will get to 10 before the AGM Bet.
What about throwing another one in the Mix....Who will get to 10 first....Krankie or Cilla?


I have been asked by a past Member for the AGA RESULTS at Frilford Heath.
Winning score was 73 (36/37)  on count back...cant remember were he played! (2nd was from Westhill)
The Dragonslayers had 4 in the top 10 from 159 entries.
Special mentions to Moobs (40) , Silverback (39) , Gonzo (38)

Mumbles picks up some dosh at AGA with 34,35 in his Ermmmmmm Jeans!

Slasher wears his best suit to pick up the Dragonslayers CNUT at AGA Event

Tues Results

3 activities today, Tues roll up, Boyne Match, Belsey Trophy.
Jack Spratt/Shaggy beat 5 Bellies /Divot on last hole (Divots 17 shots on Jack just weren't enough!)
8 players in the "Umpas Old Gits Cup" (Belsey), 1st Rnd leader with a 39 was Duracell (aka Dracula)..."Plenty of 'BITE' on the greens today" said Duracell.
Also seen playing in the Umpas Cup was Lonesome "Shoot me If I ever play in that Trophy" Al.
I have a gun Lonesome...will come see you later!

4 in the roll-up, balls in air, Badger/H.S. gave Scooby and Ben (new Boy) a pasting.
As Scooby and double barreled name Ben both drive Hairdressers Cars (Minis) seemed apt they play with each other.
One Artisan was overhead saying "With a double barreled name and hairdressers car maybe the nickname should be Ben VIDAL-SASSON"

Ben watched Scooby who hit 27pts on 9 last week , hit 7pts on 9 this week!

Monday, 16 May 2016


Septic wins President Trophy with 38Pts (23 round the red)
Closely followed by Jack Spratt/Arfur with 37.
Septic must also win the CNUT...for not going in the swindle! (OR JACK SPRATT)