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Monday, 20 October 2014

Dragonslayers 1/2 AGG H/CAP , YELLOW TEES

Gents ,
Please meet at the Hut at 7am (car share with ur 4 ball ) and make way up to Top for a 7.15 Tee-off.
If interested, there will be a Dragon slayer swindle.

A few good pairs in the "Slayers", Slasher/Badger have to be hot favourites, saying that Badger may not be so hot playing out of the heather every other shot!
F1/Tazzy is another good bet (if Tazzy dont have an "episode")
Hairy Jon/El Tel may be holding a prize, but sadly not the Slayers!
Silverback/Swampy...not too sure , will probaly get disqualified !
Scooby/Divot...after Divot 14pts yesterday...forget it!
5 Bellies/Von Rumbold another also ran...also 5 Bellies will be going home sober.
Rafa/Travelodge...with a combined age of chance!
Double 'S'...Septic /Summo...more like double 'D'...Dumb and Dumber!
Betty/Umpa Dave...more chance of Betty doing an 8hr day than winning

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