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Monday, 25 August 2014

Artisan lotto

Winning numbers for this week:

Aug 20th No. 22 - Slasher - £ 25.00

Aug 23rd No. 45 - No Winner 

Next saturday (30th) will be a roll-over for£ 76.00  if all numbers sold.


New year starts at end of  September with a few changes due to 8 members increasing their stakes:  

Two of the £25.00 monthly amounts will increase to £ 30.00

A special quarterly draw will take place for those members with 2 tickets for a prize.

2 additional numbers will be added to the draw to make 80 numbers per draw, these additional numbers will be "CLUB NUMBERS" & any winnings will go into the pot to increase the away day subsidy for everybody.

If anybody else wants an additional number see Lonesome or Wee Man a.s.a.p

This sunday (31st) will be the August draw with the £500.00 Bonus Draw.

Lottery Comm.

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