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Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Tues Results

3 activities today, Tues roll up, Boyne Match, Belsey Trophy.
Jack Spratt/Shaggy beat 5 Bellies /Divot on last hole (Divots 17 shots on Jack just weren't enough!)
8 players in the "Umpas Old Gits Cup" (Belsey), 1st Rnd leader with a 39 was Duracell (aka Dracula)..."Plenty of 'BITE' on the greens today" said Duracell.
Also seen playing in the Umpas Cup was Lonesome "Shoot me If I ever play in that Trophy" Al.
I have a gun Lonesome...will come see you later!

4 in the roll-up, balls in air, Badger/H.S. gave Scooby and Ben (new Boy) a pasting.
As Scooby and double barreled name Ben both drive Hairdressers Cars (Minis) seemed apt they play with each other.
One Artisan was overhead saying "With a double barreled name and hairdressers car maybe the nickname should be Ben VIDAL-SASSON"

Ben watched Scooby who hit 27pts on 9 last week , hit 7pts on 9 this week!

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