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Wednesday, 11 May 2016


A few result on the Blog ticker tape this morning.

Salver results.
W.T.C. beat Chief Umpa 5 & 4
Baron Von Rumbold gave the match to H.S.

Parker (aka McCain,,,King of the Chips) and Arfur went over to Chipstead last night and lost on last hole (Arfur ...self proclaimed best putter in Club missed a 2 footer to halve the match)
Arfur said "Parker having a Chipping lesson from Silverback...did him no favours"

Club match
5-1 win for the lads last night (HOME TO WESTHILL) with the only loser in the Club (6 & 4) need to mention any ALL know who he is!

On the catering front , we were promised the famous 1950 Meat Loaf...what did we get Gammon/spuds /veg... sort it out 1950!

I asked for a grisly bit of pork, overdone potatoes and soggy veg...told they didn't have it, but my Partner got it!!!!!

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