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Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Salver Results

Double header last night with the Church Boys both playing.

Gonzo managed to get his "Nose" in front of Betty last night.
Betty said "The syrup had been playing up all day and I just wasn't feeling it".

In the other match , wise old Owl W.T.C. beat the young pretender Jack Spratt.
With Rumours of The Snail giving the match to Badger, we could have 2 of our best 'lows' out in the Prelims!

Another big match due shortly is Cilla V Hairy Jon, can Cilla put a run of bad form behind him to beat the star of planet of the Apes?

1950 tells all who will listen that the Pope (aka Boycie) is also running scared and wont pin down a date for the slaver match!

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