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Monday, 14 March 2016

Portugal trip Draw

Bellies made the Official draw for this weekend Medal...sorry Friendly Comp IN Portugal THIS WEEKEND!


bungalow badger bellies silverback:
Krankie wtc jezza cilla:
1950 betty arfur stroller:


bungalow Krankie 1050 betty:
wtc badger jezza bellies:
arfur stroller cilla silverback:


cilla betty bellies silverback:
bungalow wtc arfur Krankie:
badger jezza stroller 1950.

Betty pick shortest draw , getting drawn out with 1950 twice on the Spin!

"If the old belt buckle trick works....I will be having the last laugh" said 1950!

" I WISH I could can see my belt buckle " said Bellies.....

"I,m glad Silverback and Stroller were drawn out in the last group"...said ALL!

1 comment:

  1. Stroller in last group out 3 days on the trot!!! Is that fair? Yes !!!