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Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Catering List is out!

The Catering winner must be Jiffy Jefferson who has pulled out of the Hat our very own 3 Michelin Star Chef Summo!
1950 has been rewarded with Mumbles as his Bitch this year, which means no more Egg frying for Surreys Top Bricklayer.
I,m reliably informed the "Meatloaf" will be on Display this year.. "I can cook anything that looks like a brick" said 1950.
But without a doubt , this years winner must be Woody..after last year sacrificing cooking in the kitchen with H.S/Duracell on a 32 Man match and playing to make up numbers (to be fair he did come in and serve up 2 members a pudding after the match!)
He is rewarded with a move to the bottom of the catering list, so no catering for him this year...well done Woody, we all like to see fair play at the Hut!

Unfortunately as he is well down the list , we will miss Parkers "Homemade" Lasagne!
On the plus side....the Les/Terry combo is no more!

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