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Monday, 21 March 2016

1950 romps home in Portugal Mini away day Comp

The toothless wonder managed to get his teeth into the rest of the pack with his Hired clubs this weekend.
Winning 2 of the 3 days outright and lining his pocket with 160 Euros.
Winner score was 34, 41, 37..2nd was Betty 3 behind.
Clubhouse leader after 2 days , Krankie went back to his old swing...nuff said!
1950 managed 37 on last day (Unofficial Feb Medal) with a 1pm tee-off, seen off 7 Double Vodkas/Orange Juice and a Guiness before play.....respect to the Man!

(His doctor told him he has too much vitamin C in his body!)

He also outdanced "Raj & Baj", the Indian gay couple in the Karoke BAR ON SAT EVE!

On the other hand Cilla won the cnut and didn't touch a drop all weekend (and didn't come downtown on the Razz on sat eve)

Could be a lesson for all us golfers here!

"THE MAN" after last round...look "Proper shit"

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