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Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Tues Swindle

The Artisan Roll-up was not too popular today with only 4 participants.
H.S./F1 played "studless" Duracell on his own....sorry Krankie was in his team, but did not get involved!
Duracell was on fire and beat the other 2 Muppets 2&1.

"I,m looking forward to becoming a full Member in a few weeks...and getting the stud-chinos out again"...said Duracell.

As usual, 5 bellies WAS UP FOR A "Chumley"

Summo and son Harry were seen on the green course.
Summo will be shortly leaving quality balls in the Hut, for a silly price a £1ish/ball.
Please don't ask for a receipt!

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