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Monday, 21 December 2015

sunday results - Bring and Win

With Septic away on safari, doing what Yanks do best....Shooting Lions....Vice Slasher went for a Texas Scramble for the Bring and Win.
Winners with Gross 62 (off scratch) were Slasher , Shaggy and Tin Tin.
Having made the "off scratch" rule team had no chance...
Travelodge, Huggies and 1950! (also known as the proper shit Team).

5 bellies was struggling to get a prize after working all weekend and had to resort to raiding the fridge for Choco Bars.

I hear rumours that Slasher has booked 10 rooms for the Carr Memorial on May 13th.

Friendly next sunday..

Merry xmas to all readers.

H.S. available for  "No-clique" golf on Tues/wed from 1pm onwards.

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