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Sunday, 6 December 2015

December Medal and Captain's Driving In Results

20 Runners turned up for the December Medal and although it started with questionable weather, the conditions and weather were more than acceptable.

Peter Daly who for family reasons, went out first and also came in first place with a very good 40 points off a very "dodgy" handicap. Unfortunately for the Captain, he blobbed the 4th on the green course in spectacular fashion with a double hit to come second with a 38. I know first hand that he is kicking himself for not getting a 6 for 2 to win his inaugural weekend event!

The speech was made and a little small trophy came out. The members were told that it was a Captain's discretion trophy not just the worst score on the day. Saying that he awarded it to a Gerry Corr who he played with and witnessed him play his drive off the Yellow tees on the 4th and then put his correct drive in the back garden of the house on the right. He accepted graciously and offered to buy everyone a drink....I am right in saying that he offers that most times he's in the club!

Afterwards the Captain slipped in behind a few juniors (no pun intended) and for the first time on the day he cut one over to the right hand side of the 5th where Silverback fought off poor Shaggy who looked sheepishly towards the ball! A handsome St. G's headcover was his prize!

Next week is the Hillier's round 2 and the Vice Captain will be looking after the lads until the Captain returns from his game hunting holiday in Africa.

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