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Friday, 4 December 2015

AGM in Record Speed!!!

Tonight the AGM started on the strike of 19:00 and The Chairman and Committee were running through the agenda at an amazing pace. Two of the proposals were passed. The first that we move the AGM back to a Monday and also, that the winners of a trophy presented by the Parent club must wear a club shirt to the awards ceremony. The vote for two new committee seats was taken and a short break was taken to count the winning votes. Mr. Gilbert and Mr. Cunningham received the most votes, so welcome back on to the committee both of you!

The final whip around of AOB brought up a few good topics and outcomes. That the lottery presents a spread sheet of takings, prizes and also how it funds those that play it etc. Also that the club funds half of the Club shirts and that we have the same shirt for longer period of time, possibly 3-5 years. And that the captain/committee have better communication regarding matches and those playing and subbing in them. People need to be aware who's playing and being a sub and if not needed, when they can plan something else.

Lastly, the new captain, Septic, told everyone present that he planned to have his captains driving in on this Sunday after the December medal.

The meeting came to a close and the lottery was held. Many of the same winners except for F1 who swooped the £500.00 prize!

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