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Sunday, 14 June 2015

Out by the smallest margin 0.5 of a point!

Sad day yesterday for the Septic Sevens men....lost 4 and 3 to Banstead at theirs which left them out of the sevens by half a point! Everyone played with great heart and wanted to win but it was just not to be. Good wins for the big team man, WTC and also HS and Septic but the sinking of a 12 foot put on the last left our your Jack Spratt slain 1 down after playing so well and giving shots!! Krankie was also beaten by the best player in the team again this week but a different player from the same team as last week. Septic beat him while spraying balls and three putting everywhere!! No A or B team left in the competition which is a first in a long time!! Next year year!!

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