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Saturday, 25 October 2014

mini away day..Ryder CUP..NOW 20 PLAYING!

After a few chumleys last night, 1950 suggested a Ryder cup style match.
So we have manual workers versus the smartly dressed workers.
Fourball betterball on Sat, singles on Sun.
Capts 1950 and rafa selects teams play orders.
1914. Rafa
Krankie. Sweaty
Silverback. Moobs
5 bellies. Cilla
Stroller. Summo
Parker. Arfur
Gonzo. SOS
Tazzy D. Slasher
Art Gekko Huggies
Badger W.T.C.

I'm not having cilla in my team, says 1914....he walks around all day with a screwdriver in his hand....not a proper manual worker!

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