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Friday, 10 October 2014

Found on a golf forum...who is this man (who runs his own business)...!

Re: Artisan Members
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When I first joined Royal Mid Surrey I heard about the "artisans" occupying a separate clubhouse and got the impression they were treated as second class citizens and full time servants of the club. I later realised that they spend a couple of hours a week doing some basic course maintenance tasks in return for being able to play usually early in the morning or late. I spoke to someone recently who was an artisan at St George's Hill - he basically runs his own business but replaces divots for 2 hours every Friday evening in return for playing rights (and not insubstantial ones at that). The catch is you need to be living within 5 or so miles of the course. But what a great option if you live really close to a great course and either have flexible hours or work for yourself (or are unemployed). At some of the better clubs (like SGH), there is a proposing and seconding system but presumably not as rigorously enforced. I wish I lived closer to Swinley forest. I might consider a 4 day week if I did!

Says he does 2 hrs divotting...that rules out a few of our Boys!

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