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Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Tues roll up results

7 up for the roll up...well 6 at the Hut and Badger up the Top!
Winner with 19 Pts was Scooby, who seems to have turned the corner after the drubbing By Art Gekko in the Salver semi!
Cnut on a count back was the Badger with 16 (with Betty), still sporting a sore back from the weekend playing in the English Club Championship.

A few were muttering in the Pavillion that the back was due to carrying Slasher for 2 rounds!

Septic will be pleased to know whilst driving upto Jockland to support the "USA" in The Ryder Cup that the mantle of being the worst Putter in the Club has just passed to Betty, who managed to 3 or 4 putt all the way round the course yesterday!

As ever 5 Bellies popped in for a Chumley, sporting yet another leg injury (swollen ankle)...."Is that due to the weight on the ankle" asked the Badger?

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