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Friday, 12 September 2014

Sweaty takes a well earned break

Sweaty flies off to Menorca on Sat for a well earned holiday with Mrs H.S. and the little H.S's.
Coming back week sat , He has a brief 4 days in Blighty before flyinhg off on a golf Tour to Majorca (for his 5th Trip to the Balearics this year!)
Will Betty have finished re-wiring the flat by the time he gets this space!
With Betty only working 3hr Days, he has had to pull in (not off) his mate to help him finish.

Big thanks to ALL ARTISANS who helped out on the re-furb at my Lads...Lonesome, Hairy Jon, Divot, 1950, Swampy, Badger...AND Last but not least Betty.
My Boy was slighty concerned that he thought with Betty spending so much time round there ....he was after the spare room!

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