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Wednesday, 3 September 2014

club match result

Staff v Artisans last night, score draw 3-3.
We could have won If the last man out Mr Burns(Tin Tin was out of it with a dodgy back) would have won his game against the badgers wife Jackie (handicap 34)
Did Mr Burns beat a 34 handicapper who has never played 18 holes of golf before in her life?.....I think not!
Is this the man we want representing the Artisans in Stoke on Trent in a few weeks time...ANSWERS ON A POSTCARD PLEASE.
Piccie of the lovely Jackie (The Burns slayer)
Moobs DO NOT under any circumstances doctor the Photo of Jackie.... Badger is the quiet one in the Family!
I,m hearing Rumours Mrs H.S. has been done!....DONT DO IT!

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