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Monday, 1 September 2014

Brookwood invitational on Friday

After the huge success from the Boys on the Hill this year, can our Lads playing top it off with a win at Brookwood?

We have the "A" TEAM Playing

Parker....Salver finalist
Stroller...Butler winner
Shaggy ...last year senior winner
....and ermmm Arfur!
(could be a lot worse...we could have had 5 Bellies ..20pts in last game played and No dough...18 pts.

Its not true that the Divot is doing a club swap with No Dough

Arfur is already giving it...."I have a sore arm b*llocks" through the pain Arfur like a man...follow the Silverback, who has played through the pain threshold for 3 months without whinging like a girl!

Enjoy the day lads....and bring home the bacon...well the veggie type for Septic!

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