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Friday, 8 August 2014

More saplings!

I know you are all sick of hearing the samE OLD b*llocks..but.....

As you all know there have been several complaints re saplings in the past few weeks.
We are aware that they are growing at an extraordinarly rate at present, but please try and keep on Top of them.
An honest 1.5 hrs is all that we require of you!...Nothing More...Nothing LESS.
Also please remember that Divotting is the Priority!

"It wasnt like that when I was there"...I can hear the Bard saying!
(He maybe making a surprise showing at Little Aston...well it wont be a surprise now!)

If you are playing golf in Thunderstorms in Florida...or laying on a beach in Portugal....wearing hideous red shoes...please ignore the above!

Arfur please cover up that Barnet in the Sun!


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