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Saturday, 2 August 2014

Clubman of the year

Which Artisan sent this?

Gents, along with a lot of waiting around I have had an ECG, heart monitor, x-ray and blood tests and thankfully the old ticker seems fine ! The arm still aches like f**k though, they have put it down to a compressed or trapped nerve which is what I went to the doctor for in the first place. Not sure  if you had arrange cover for  my work (obvoiusly V short notice)?  I have  had nothing to eat since breakfast so not planning on going to the club now I will call up 1st thing to do my work...... I'm thinking clubman of the year candidate here - artisan rips off heart monitor and leaves hospital to get his divotting done !!!!

1 comment:

  1. But you didn't rip off your heart monitor & come & divot did you !!! - you went home to have some breakfast.

    In the old days we had members who trimmed the grass around bunkers with a pair of scissors.

    That's what proper "clubmen of the year do".