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Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Police Match results

With the Silverback handing over the Captaincy reigns to Vice Rafa, he did not let him down with a 3-2 win.
(He did let Jack Sparrow down by playing like a cnut!)
Wins for H. Sweaty/Divot....Cilla(last min replacement for Shaggy)/Scooby....Chief Umpa/El Tel
Losses for Septic/The Barron (playing 2 ladies...whom I assumed batted for the other side) and Rafa/Jack Sparrow.
The Sparrow is on a major losing streak, having lost his last 4 matches.

Keep your eye on the Stroller from now on as he stepped into play for PC Plod as they were a man down.
Rumour has it they have given him a warrant card and he will be carrying out spotchecks in the carpark!

H Sweaty got his PC Playing Partner TO "HAVE A WORD" with 1950 saying he had "seen him around" in the past...but the shrewd 1950 saw through it!

The Old Artisan favourite Ham/Egg/Chips went down well , with 1950 flipping 40 eggs...all done to perfection...maybe the Meat loaf next year?

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