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Thursday, 31 July 2014

Hut Gossip

5 Bellies is out with a Knee Injury...having a day off work! (My spies tell me he was seen in St Peters A & E)
Is he a big doubt for winning the scratch/Senior event at North Hants...ANYONE WANT TO TAKE HIS PLACE?

Family Salver Match coming round shortly, after putting Jack Sparrow to bed, The Pope moves onto his Dad Gonzo in the next round...can he do a double over the Churches?

Lonesome's Golfing demons continue with yet another poor display v Burhill....he has takan the decision to pull out of the Holms next week, not wanting to let down a partner.....what will his Boyne partner think about this?

I,m hearing rumours that Arfur is "semi-interested" in the H.S. SPOT next year....good luck to you mate!

Today is the last day to have a pop at 1950...tommorrow he is a full Member....OMG!

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