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Monday, 30 July 2012

Home day results - updated

The big winner today was "Cilla" with a net score 67, also winning the Swindle.
Cilla's first win in 2 1/2 years...that Turkish Holiday has put a smile on his face and a bit of lead in his pencil!
Lewis pipped Silverback to 2nd, but being a probationer only collected the sweep money.
Silverbacks new nickname is Bridesmaid...(never the Bride, unless its a pairs match)

The pairs prize went to Jack Sparrow and Arfur with a combined score of 38 pts.
(Arfur following the Silverback by hanging onto the shirt-tails of a low handicapper!)
Arfur was pleased to buy drinks all night as he had his personal chauffeur sitting in the corner, waiting to take him home!
Runners up  Rafa Ward and Art Gekko.
3rd place Slasher/Chief Umpa

The CNUT of the day was Uncle Fester who was happy to pose for the blog picture, but asked for his name to be left out!...Cruel Jibes that Arfur looks like Uncle Festers love child are unjustified!
A dejected looking Septic looks on from the corner...he needs a good meal (chinese) to cheer him up!

What's the badger smiling about?
Don't know what Lewis is smiling about in the corner...Mr Burns has just cut him by 4 shots!!!

1 comment:

  1. Arfur looks more like Uncle Fester in this piccie, ps why is Septic looking so downhearted!!