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Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Surrey 7,s result

5 bellies took his merry men over to Langley park after a group hug at the hut.
After his magnificent 65 on Saturday, MR Burns returned with 64...........sorry lost 6 & 4!
Halves for the next 4, space cadet, H. sweaty and Chief Umpa and Krankie No 2.(who came back from 4 down , 6 to play)
No Dough lost up the last even with the £20 prize up for grabs and the septic sunk a 4 foot putt on the last for a half.
Final score loss 4 1/2 to 2 1/2.
Big thanks to the team supporters Chancellor , Krankie No 1 and Silverback who travelled with the team.
H. Sweaty took one for the team by agreeing to Have the Krankie as his caddy to save the rest of the team!
In his defence , he clubbed me well,

5 bellies £20 for the winner is still firmly in his pocket which will be carried on to the next match, Sunday at new Malden.
5 bellies will have some of his more 'experienced' players back for this "must win" game.

-Posted by H. Sweaty

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