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Saturday, 2 June 2012

Artisan info

Sawday cup winner was 'Herr' Green who shot a net 65, Mr Burns was 2nd with a 65.
Summo also picked up the swindle, smithy 2nd.
I has the pleasure of playing with Summo's son jack, a junior member.
Martin must be proud to be the father of such a nice young man, but if the little bar steward plays better than me again , I will kick him where it hurts!
Well done jack, keep up the good work!
The divot picked up the Cnut, but also qualified for the A.G.A Comp!

Qualifiers for low handicappers were trev,shaggy ( shaggy can't make it so replaced by Darren the snail, who shot a net 67, playing with gout...and a weeks extension in the Boyne....don't ask! (royal ashdown forest 3rd aug)
Mid handicap qualifiers were Summo, silverback and slasher (Littlestone 15th Aug)
High handicaps 5 bellies and the divot (Denham 28 June)
We subsidise places at these matches
The forms are on the wall if you want to play in them..but not for long!
No piccies as yet...chief photographer has let me down!
-Posted by H. Sweaty

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